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The Yard Club is located in the picturesque village of Drachevo, to the south of Burgas (some 20 min driving), in the outskirts of Strandzha Mountain. Clean fresh air amidst forest and hills, 10 min to the Deultum Fortress and close to several micro-dams for angling.


The Yard Club is a place for sports, relaxation and experiencing the simple country pleasures. Judging by its name it is of the club type of accommodation property. A great place for a few people in a big yard with many extras.


The Club features two houses with 2 standard rooms each and 2 large rooms with AC, sleeping 2+1, each with a terrace for great views. En suite bathrooms/WC, Cable TV, coffee tables. Rooms with terraces are equipped with AC and refrigerators. Each of the two houses in the Club has own barbecue with small pavilion, as well as other facilities like swings, a shade under the grape trellis, hammocks.


A third house for common use in the Yard features a bar with kitchenette, a Jacuzzi, an authentic Strandzha wood furnace, a sports ground, comfortable spaces for yoga and relaxation.


In The Yard Club, our guests are free to do whatever they feel like and they can always count on the support of their hosts if needed.

Today our home

is your home.

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